December 22
How to restore the health of your skin on all levels
Your skin is most beautiful when it’s healthy. That’s why our focus is on restoring your skin to its healthiest state by removing impurities and replenishing your skin with essential nutrients. The result is that you will not only look better, but you will immediately notice a dramatic shift in the health of your skin.... read more
April 07
Get the perfect fit
Cellulite is a progressive disease characterized by an alteration in the venous and lymphatic microcirculation of subcutaneous adipose tissue, causing edema (swelling) and the accumulation of toxins in fat cells, causing inflammation and eventually evolve to fibrosis. ... read more
June 14
At Skin Body Laser, we have a medical epilation process specific for men. Laser hair removal for men yields excellent and long lasting results. However, there are some particularities worth mentioning regarding the process. With the passing of time, we have concluded that the procedure for males has a specific response depending ... read more
July 11
With this innovative technology can achieve permanent hair removal on all skin types with greater safety and efficacy. We present our latest and exclusive launch, the Candela Gentle Max Pro®: the best choice in medical laser hair removal, offering more power and versatility than any other hair removal system before seen. ... read more
July 27
Platelet Rich Plasma extracted from your own blood for facial cosmetic improvement. Your blood consists of four main constituents: Red & White blood cells, plasma and platelets., Within the plasma filtrate we separate your platelets and use it for your benefit ... read more
August 02
Forget about surgery discover the beauty of ultrasound
At SkinbodyLaserMedspa, we recommend Ultherapy: A non surgical, non invasive treatment without post operative care. It uses micro focused ultrasound technology to treat flaccid skin with no recovery time needed. By stimulating collagen regenerating, it permits the firming and tightening of areas of greater flaccidity such as the eyebrows, eyelids, chin, neck and neckline... read more
August 17
PRP The Latest Anti-aging Treatment
We are talking about the use of platelet-rich plasma that comes from your own blood. It’s also called Plasma Rich Growth Factor (PRGF).... read more
January 17
Introducing CoolSculpting A Non invasive method that eliminates localized fat with only 1 treatment
It’s not about how much you lose, but about how much you gain. Coolsculpting is a non- surgical method used to reduce localized fat deposits in the body. This innovative treatment uses the Cryolipolysis effect which consists of the gradual cooling of localized fat found under the skin. The extremely low temperatures kill the fat cells without harming the nearby tissues such as skin and muscles. The fat cells in the treated area are gradually eliminated through the normal metabolic process of the body. Reduce the fat in the treated areas. The results are permanent since the body cannot generate those fat cells again. ... read more