Introducing CoolSculpting A Non invasive method that eliminates localized fat with only 1 treatment

It’s not about how much you lose, but about how much you gain. Coolsculpting is a non- surgical method used to reduce localized fat deposits in the body. This innovative treatment uses the Cryolipolysis effect which consists of the gradual cooling of localized fat found under the skin. The extremely low temperatures kill the fat cells without harming the nearby tissues such as skin and muscles. The fat cells in the treated area are gradually eliminated through the normal metabolic process of the body. Reduce the fat in the treated areas. The results are permanent since the body cannot generate those fat cells again.

The Ideal candidate for CoolSculping

The first thing you must know is that CoolSculping is not a method for losing weight, but a way to remove localized fat in certain areas of the body to redesign the body. That’s why, overweight patients looking to lose weight should use this as a complementary treatment since they must improve their eating habits. Furthermore, it’s a treatment that can be done comfortably at any time, without hospitalization, without recovery time, and the patient may continue the daily regular routine.

With CoolSculping, you improve your body shape, reducing the feared fat deposits, transforming your body to look better in record time!

This procedure is for those people that no matter how much they do diet and exercise, they still can’t get rid of fat deposits in certain areas of the body. We could say that CoolSculping is an alternative to liposuction without visiting the operating room.

Even though, the decision is made according to each case, and according to the specialist’s indications, the ideal candidate is the one who is in the process of achieving an ideal weight and wants to treat the localized fat deposits that can’t be eliminated any other way.

CoolSculpting eliminates fat cells which consequently make you lose volume. This will motivate you to continue working on achieving your ideal weight.

Are Coolsculpting treatment results immediate?

Since it must do with a process that follows the natural ways of the body, we must wait 2-3 months after the sessions are done in order to verify final results.

According to the manufacturer of the product, studies show a 20% reduction in fat in the treated area after the treatment. Other studies show at least 10%. Usually, 1-3 treatments per area are done.

The CoolSculping treatment lasts from 1 to 3 hours, and the person may return to their regular activities right after the treatment.

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