At Skin Body Laser, we have a medical epilation process specific for men. Laser hair removal for men yields excellent and long lasting results. However, there are some particularities worth mentioning regarding the process. With the passing of time, we have concluded that the procedure for males has a specific response depending

on the area to be treated, therefore, the age of the client and other variables must be taken into account. It is due to the fact that most of the areas to be treated have an important influx of hormone secretions.


It's imperative to clearly comprehend how this androgenic stimulation manifests, the optimal use of the different equipment available in the market, and the most successful way to use medical laser hair removal in our male clients.


Overview of laser hair removal for males.


Facial Laser hair removal

The hair on the beard area has all the requirements to eliminated by medical laser hair removal. But despite being a strong candidate for being a thick pigmented hair, it has such a density that in turn, requires a greater number of sessions. Also, because it is longer and located deeper in the skin, it requires a different protocol with respect to other areas.


Body Laser Hair Removal

The hair removal of areas where hair appears in male puberty obtain the same level of results as hair removal in females. Late hair, which is common in the back, chest, abdomen, and that appears around age 20, has its peculiarities. Hormone pressure in man, with the steady flow of testosterone, affects the production of new hair until age 45 or 50.

Medical laser hair removal in these areas obtain very good results since it removes hair that develops at the time of the session.