With this innovative technology can achieve permanent hair removal on all skin types with greater safety and efficacy. We present our latest and exclusive launch, the Candela Gentle Max Pro®: the best choice in medical laser hair removal, offering more power and versatility than any other hair removal system before seen.

GentleMax Pro is a single consolidated system that is used for a variety of treatments including hair removal on all skin types. It is a dual platform laser wavelength combining alexandrite laser 755 nm, - the fastest and with the highest levels of potentials, with the laser with Nd: YAG laser 1064 nm-the safest and versatile in dark and tanned skin.

 These features make Gentle Max Pro the fastest, most versatile and effective alternative because it allows accurate permanent hair removal and high patient satisfaction.


-Faster treatments: their large hand pieces can treat large areas of skin in less time, making the GentleMax Pro the fastest laser for hair removal in the medical field.

-Efficiency: more than 10,000 doctors worldwide have proven the excellent results obtained in the treatment of the folliculitis beard, hirsutism and the removal of unwanted hair.

-Versatility: system with two wavelengths at a higher level now as it expands treatment options covering both thin, weak, and light hair as well as the darker and thicker hair.

-Suitable for all skin types, including tanned skin: thanks to laser Nd: YAG 1064nm, which is the safest longitude and the most effective in dark and tanned skin wave, backed by multiple clinical studies.

-Comfort and a better experience: thanks to built-in cooling skin, it reduces pain and side effects, especially in darker photo types skin. It does not require Cooling gel since instead, it utilizes a refrigerant spray before each pulse to minimize discomfort.

The fastest, most efficient and versatile laser as well as the cooling system is the ideal choice for laser hair removal.

Today, laser hair removal stopped being an exclusive treatment just for women, but instead now more and more men decide to take care of their image and aesthetics.